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Travel Tax

I've just been reading the government's response to the online travel tax petition. The scheme they aim to introduce is basically a "pay as you go" charge in selected areas of the UK. More taxes I hear you say. I was interested to read this point in particular:

"A second option would be to try to build our way out of congestion. We could, of course, add new lanes to our motorways, widen roads in our congested city centres, and build new routes across the countryside. Certainly in some places new capacity will be part of the story. That is why we are widening the M25, M1 and M62. But I think people agree that we cannot simply build more and more roads, particularly when the evidence suggests that traffic quickly grows to fill any new capacity."

Surely then, there is a very reasonable argument for educating the masses about proper lane use? It doesn't surprise me that more motorway lanes doesn't always work - you still get the morons using the outer two lanes rather than the left most lane when it's clear.

I think there should be a healthy amount of money spent for shaming middle laners as they are disproportionately adding to congestion. Put up more "keep left" signs, fine middle laners, shame them into rethinking their idiotic no-brainer ways!

Make them use the inside lane when it's clear!



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